Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor Quite the Catch

Fallout 4_20160523190645
Source: Vendortron.com

With the recent release of Bethesda’s latest Fallout DLC – Far Harbor(FH), a.k.a. “Fah Habah”, you can guarantee that every wasteland wanderer is now well versed in the the coastal life. FH makes you feel like a true post-apocalyptic buccaneer plus or minus a few rads. When you’re not getting chummy with the mates at Mitch’s, you can rest assure there is plenty to do out in the fog. Some gamers have reported this edition of the DLC to be superb in the realm of everything Fallout and game performance meeting the needs of those tech savvy frame rate aficionado’s.

However, some players, particularly those of the PS4 world, have reported some problems with game performance and bugs. In the most extreme cases, some have experienced serious FPS problems literally rendering the game unplayable, no pun intended. Thomas Morgan of Eurogamer.net reported that “Far Harbor is in a more worrying condition right now: this is the largest region added to the game so far, and yet much of it is covered in this performance sapping fog effect”. Ironically enough the fog is an old trick used by game developers to prevent the need for distance rendering and is a tactic commonly used to increase FPS.

Fallout 4_20160529080534
Source: Vendortron.com

In the more light cases like me, some have experienced issues with in game storylines particularly referring to DiMA’s Mind Puzzles as part of the main quest. Most users report not being able to coax their little green sprites to get back to the entrance for the effective data transfer and is reported as a bug issues in PS4 consoles. The Xbox One is not without issues as well, this DLC expansion is taking its tole as the game itself is locking up on some players. Reports from Bethesda explain that the developer is working on these issues to bring in the next update.

Even more exciting is Bethesda’s announcement that even more DLC is to come to Fallout 4 players later this year and that those who have purchased the Season Pass will receive it at no additional cost. Certainly great news for Fallout fans and perhaps this is something we will hear more about at the upcoming E3 conference.

Fallout 4_20160524220129
Source: Vendortron.com

For now, I have found FH to be the most invigorating of the DLC released thus far with dangers around every corner. Playing on survival mode has proven to be more of a challenge than originally anticipated and really pulls at your cognition of game logic and planning strategies. Now if only I could remember where I left that Fat Man…


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