Fallout 4 Firsts

Fallout 4 has by far surpassed its predecessors in the realm of graphics, weaponry, character development, dialogue and much more. The game launched November 10th, 2015 with anticipated breath and boy was it worth forking the 80 CAD bucks. I know that I pledged to my viewers that I would not begin my Fallout 4Continue reading “Fallout 4 Firsts”

First Impressions of Fallout 4 “The Wasteland never felt so good”

Originally posted on Archer's Asylum:
By no stretch of the imagination is this a review of Fallout, its only just been released, I haven’t been given an advanced copy and I only managed to pick myself up a copy at Midnight for the PC. This will be first impressions of what I encountered at the start…

Episode 62: Growing Pains in Vault 22

In this episode we begin exploring Vault 22 and quickly realize that it has been overgrown by vicious plants. Vault 22 was part of an experiment that went wrong where the dwellers were experimenting with plant growth mediums that required no light for photosynthesis. Join me as I navigate the many levels to find Keely,Continue reading “Episode 62: Growing Pains in Vault 22”