Episode 14: Can You Find It In Your Heart?

After dispatching the NCR to Primm I return to the Mojave Outpost to finsih the quest “Can you find it in your heart?”. This quest involved clearing out vicious ants on the road leading down the I-10 so that the caravaners can bring there wears back out into the wasteland. Now to begin quest “KeepContinue reading “Episode 14: Can You Find It In Your Heart?”

Episode 13: My Kind of Town

In this video we finally make it to the Mojave Outpost on the outskirts of the Mojave desert. Here we find the NCR who have set up a outpost to protect the west. After speaking with them, they have agreed to dispatch some troops to Primm and send a new Sheriff. The people of PrimmContinue reading “Episode 13: My Kind of Town”

Episode 10: Finishing up in the Bison Steve Casino

After dying several times, I was actually able to make my way through the Bison Steve Casino thoroughly and save the Sheriff. Remember, my character is a geek so his gun skill is lacking. It’s good though since it has made the game thus far a challenge.

FNV Episode 6: Exploring the rest of Good Springs

In this video we continue exploring the rest of Good Spring and find any other hidden supplies and items we need to make the trip to the town of Primm. We also visit Jean’s Skydiving on the way and touch base with new faction “NCR: New California Republic” when we reach Primm. http://youtube/mG0Z5uQnC0k

FNV Episode 4: Discovering the Powder Gangers

In this video we discover who the Powder Gangers are and what kinds of trouble they are causing Good Springs. The Powder Gangers are a group of bandits that run a base operation out of the NCR Correctional Facility which they took over with the use of dynamite they had hidden. Not too smart toContinue reading “FNV Episode 4: Discovering the Powder Gangers”