Episode 41: Entering the New Vegas Outskirts

In this episode we make our way closer to New Vegas fighting off legionaries and fiends alike. On our way to the Crimson Caravan Company, we stop at a few places uninhabited just to explore and get the most of the game. Music: “The Thrown is Mine” – Ramin Djawadi – Game of Thrones OST

Episode 40: Navigating the Wastes

On our way into New Vegas we discover some new location, fight some fiends and meet up with the NCR once again. Our main goal is to make our way closer to the Crimson Caravan to complete the quest “Heartache by the number”. Enjoy! Music: “Finale”- Ramin Djawadi – Game of Thrones OST

Episode 38: Repconn Headquarters Floor 2

In this episode we continue on with our way through the Repconn Headquarters by going to the second floor using the security key that we have found. There is all kinds of awesome loot to find so check it out! Music: “When the Sun Rises in the West”- Ramin Djawadi

Episode 37: Exploring the Repconn Headquarters

In this episode we enter the Repconn Headquarters and begin exploring the first floor. The headquarters consists of office and a museum with gift shop. We begin by bypassing security and then taking a tour of the Repconn museum. We are in robot land so the key in this building is to have a goodContinue reading “Episode 37: Exploring the Repconn Headquarters”

Episode 27: Pitter Patter of the Nightkin

In this episode we inform Davison that the Stealthboy Stockpile was shipped back which makes him leave the REPCONN Test Site. We also inform Harland that we found his friend in the jail and she was not alive. We conclude by reconvening with Jason Bright and let him know that the Nightkin will no longerContinue reading “Episode 27: Pitter Patter of the Nightkin”

Episode 26: Expelling the Demons

In this episode we continue on with the quest Come Fly With Me by making our way down to the basement to help the ghouls “expel the demons” aka Nightkin. There are several options to approach this situation to get rid of the Nightkin. We can go in guns blazing or help the Nightkin andContinue reading “Episode 26: Expelling the Demons”