Episode 37: Exploring the Repconn Headquarters

In this episode we enter the Repconn Headquarters and begin exploring the first floor. The headquarters consists of office and a museum with gift shop. We begin by bypassing security and then taking a tour of the Repconn museum. We are in robot land so the key in this building is to have a goodContinue reading “Episode 37: Exploring the Repconn Headquarters”

Episode 36: Checking Out Boulder City

In this episode we take a look around Boulder City before departing to closer to the New Vegas Strip. We run into some people at the 188 trading post and find a third companion who we have to come back for. Music: “A Golden Crown” – Ramin Djawadi – Game of Thrones Soundtrack

Episode 32: Deciphering Helios One

Upon entering the Helios One power plant we quickly discover that it is more complex than it appears to be. The NCR have locked down all potentially helpful technology because they are afraid of it and the people that they have employed outside of the NCR to come into the plant to navigate this technologyContinue reading “Episode 32: Deciphering Helios One”

Episode 27: Pitter Patter of the Nightkin

In this episode we inform Davison that the Stealthboy Stockpile was shipped back which makes him leave the REPCONN Test Site. We also inform Harland that we found his friend in the jail and she was not alive. We conclude by reconvening with Jason Bright and let him know that the Nightkin will no longerContinue reading “Episode 27: Pitter Patter of the Nightkin”