First Impressions of Fallout 4 “The Wasteland never felt so good”

A great post on some good first impressions

Archer's Asylum

By no stretch of the imagination is this a review of Fallout, its only just been released, I haven’t been given an advanced copy and I only managed to pick myself up a copy at Midnight for the PC. This will be first impressions of what I encountered at the start and about an hour in. I’ll avoid the spoilers because I like not being stabbed repeatedly by my own Redshirt colleagues. It has changed how I viewed RPG’s, and the feel of true open world, with only the border of higher levels instead of “do at least 20 story-line missions, take your cousin bowling and bang the undercover FBI agent” (I’m looking at you Rockstar). I even went back to the old isometric style games because I find the story-line and the options to be nearly limitless. At best I try avoid hype trains for something I love, but for Fallout…

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