Episode 49: Lets Kill Some Scorpions

We picked up Ed-E in Primm so he helps us kill some of the scorpions in the scorpion gulch where we have to go to find the laser pistol that was lost. After returning the pistol and tying up some loose ends we continue on with side quest still in the dark.
Music: “Oathkeeper” – Ramin Djawadi – GoT OST


6 thoughts on “Episode 49: Lets Kill Some Scorpions

  1. Seems I’m not the only one going back to fallout. Great post man, been reading a few episodes in 🙂

    1. I think in the grand scheme of things Fallout will always be a mainstay in my life. That and Skyrim. I’m really glad you like my episodes though haha, even though my editing skills are lacking. It’s hard to spit more out since I work full time and am in school but I must press on and bring more! Thanks for watching!

      1. Same with me mate, I really hope we see either a new elder scrolls or fallout.. this minute i’d personally like to see a new fallout as it’s been so long. I think they’re great. I’m the same though working full time and juggling everything else eats up so much time, but nah man, keep it up!

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