Episode 32: Deciphering Helios One

Upon entering the Helios One power plant we quickly discover that it is more complex than it appears to be. The NCR have locked down all potentially helpful technology because they are afraid of it and the people that they have employed outside of the NCR to come into the plant to navigate this technologyContinue reading “Episode 32: Deciphering Helios One”

Episode 27: Pitter Patter of the Nightkin

In this episode we inform Davison that the Stealthboy Stockpile was shipped back which makes him leave the REPCONN Test Site. We also inform Harland that we found his friend in the jail and she was not alive. We conclude by reconvening with Jason Bright and let him know that the Nightkin will no longerContinue reading “Episode 27: Pitter Patter of the Nightkin”

Episode 26: Expelling the Demons

In this episode we continue on with the quest Come Fly With Me by making our way down to the basement to help the ghouls “expel the demons” aka Nightkin. There are several options to approach this situation to get rid of the Nightkin. We can go in guns blazing or help the Nightkin andContinue reading “Episode 26: Expelling the Demons”

Episode 25: Meeting the Jason Bright Followers

In this episode we strive to complete the quest “Come Fly With Me” where the town of Novac is being invaded by ferral ghouls. A lot of Novac’s revenue is generated from salvage operations at the REPCONN Test Site up the road. Now the people of Novac can no longer support their cause this wayContinue reading “Episode 25: Meeting the Jason Bright Followers”

Episode 24: Entering the REPCONN Facility

In this episode we head into the REPCONN Facility and fight off some more ghouls as we move through. The REPCONN Facility is one of my favourite locations in Fallout New Vegas because the creators of the game use it as a beacon of old world futuristic technology.

Episode 22: Investigating the Disappearance of Boone’s Wife

In this episode we talk the people of Novac to ask them if they know any information about the whereabouts of Boone’s wife. We find out some pretty troubling information and are led to decide the fate of some unfortunates who deserve what they get.