Episode 14: Can You Find It In Your Heart?

After dispatching the NCR to Primm I return to the Mojave Outpost to finsih the quest “Can you find it in your heart?”. This quest involved clearing out vicious ants on the road leading down the I-10 so that the caravaners can bring there wears back out into the wasteland. Now to begin quest “KeepContinue reading “Episode 14: Can You Find It In Your Heart?”

Episode 13: My Kind of Town

In this video we finally make it to the Mojave Outpost on the outskirts of the Mojave desert. Here we find the NCR who have set up a outpost to protect the west. After speaking with them, they have agreed to dispatch some troops to Primm and send a new Sheriff. The people of PrimmContinue reading “Episode 13: My Kind of Town”

Episode 10: Finishing up in the Bison Steve Casino

After dying several times, I was actually able to make my way through the Bison Steve Casino thoroughly and save the Sheriff. Remember, my character is a geek so his gun skill is lacking. It’s good though since it has made the game thus far a challenge.