FNV Episode 6: Exploring the rest of Good Springs

In this video we continue exploring the rest of Good Spring and find any other hidden supplies and items we need to make the trip to the town of Primm. We also visit Jean’s Skydiving on the way and touch base with new faction “NCR: New California Republic” when we reach Primm. http://youtube/mG0Z5uQnC0k

FNV Episode 4: Discovering the Powder Gangers

In this video we discover who the Powder Gangers are and what kinds of trouble they are causing Good Springs. The Powder Gangers are a group of bandits that run a base operation out of the NCR Correctional Facility which they took over with the use of dynamite they had hidden. Not too smart toContinue reading “FNV Episode 4: Discovering the Powder Gangers”

FNV Episode 2: Entering the Wasteland

I hope that you enjoyed my first video. Please do give me your feedback, I’ve never done a game walkthrough before and I don’t consider myself a professional by any means. If you have made it this far, I’m hoping it is because you enjoyed watching the introduction to Fallout New Vegas. In this episodeContinue reading “FNV Episode 2: Entering the Wasteland”

Fallout New Vegas Episode 1: Introduction (My First Post!)

I know that I told you that I was going to embark on this journey a month ago and well my intentions were good, I’ll admit I did not live up to my promise. Alas, I have risen from the depth triumphantly with this first post for you to enjoy. I hope that you likeContinue reading “Fallout New Vegas Episode 1: Introduction (My First Post!)”